My Experience Going Vegetarian, Then Vegan

My Experience Going Vegetarian, Then Vegan.

This blog post was inspiring to me because I have been flirting with the idea of going Vegetarian and Vegan for a long time. Especially now, after bowl after bowl of posole, ham and more ham, tamale after more tamales, I am feeling the side effects of extreme overindulgence. I need to get back on track not only with my diet but also with my running. I feel the best when I am running 3-4 times a week and the last few months it has been 3-4 times a month (embarrassing!). New running shoes have been ordered online, re-joined my gym, and now all that’s left is what I put in my mouth.

Yeah, I’m one of those that can’t doesn’t want to give up cheese and ice cream, but I totally think I should. The very idea of what dairy is makes me kind of sick but I separate myself so far away from the idea when I’m digging into that bowl of cookie dough ice cream or cheesy pasta. And meat… well, my body doesn’t like when I eat it but eat it anyway.

I have pulled out my Skinny Bitch book to re-read and I think I will watch Forks Over Knives again for some more inspiration and a good kick in the ass.


Another post-run snack that hits the spot: Chocolate Soy Milk

Image It’s low in fat, it has some carbs, some protein, even a gram of fiber, and  – hello – it has chocolate! This Trader Joe’s version is even fortified with vitamins. It’s perfect to replenish what was lost during a run. I’m going to try and double up my miles this week and am probably going to need something a little more than chocolate soy milk. Any suggestions?