Pizza and wine night with crazy good caramelized onions

Pizza and wine night with crazy good caramelized onions

Friday was screaming to be pizza and wine night and that’s exactly what it became. I decided to get fancy and caramelize some onions to put on the pizza and oh-em-gee they were good! I usually prefer fresh veggies on my pizza but the caramlized onions with the hot Italian sausage was so effing good.

Oh yeah and that’s Addie in the background like a ghost trying to get a taste. Crazy dog.

For the caramelized onions, all you do is thinly slice a ton of onions. I used two whole onions and by the time they were done, I had enough for half a pizza. Put some oil down in the pan, put the thinly sliced onions in the pan, put the heat on medium low, and wait. After about 30 minutes you will find caramelized onion goodness.


T-G-I-F !!!


After a long hard week, this is just what I needed… Friday night cocktails at home. This little concoction is my own recipe and that’s Tajin on the rim. Don’t know about Tajin? Its this ¬†great salty, spicy, sweet, tangy powder that many of us Mexicans down here in Tucson put on fruit, jicama, candy and just about whatever we want. It is absolutely delicious on the rim of my citrus margarita here instead of salt. I used my favorite tequila for this one, Milagro and fresh orange and lemon juice. It’s refreshing and has a great kick that mellows me right out.

Today was the last day of the quarter for me at work and I was pushing hard and long today to get everything in on time. When I was done and realized that I had accomplished just what I set out to do, emptied out my inbox, and left the day with an organized desk, I knew I had to show myself some love for the hard work. This one hit the spot.

Moral of the story: celebrate even the littlest victories of your day. You might be the only one who recognizes them, so guess what? that means you are in charge of celebrating them. Show yourself some love today and do something that you really enjoy. For me, tonight, that is making a delicious cocktail at home and curling up with my hubby, kids, and the dogs. What do you really enjoy?