About me

The idea for this blog came one day when I was talking with my mom about relationships. We started discussing differences in “love languages” and how we give and receive love in different ways. Some give love by giving gifts, others by doing things for other people like chores/yard work/repairs, and others give love by spending quality time with them. Suddenly, I said, “My love language is FOOD.” We both started laughing and in the end realized that this is true. In a way showing someone love by cooking a  meal incorporates several of the love languages because you are doing something for other people, giving them a gift of a delicious, healthy meal, and spending quality time whether it be in the kitchen if you are cooking together or at the table when you share the meal. I am passionate about food and cooking, love cooking for people, and had “start a blog” on my bucket list for a while so… boom! Here we are.

I am a girl who has grown up in the kitchen peeling garlic, stirring sauces, baking cookies and eating really great food. I had the good fortune of having two parents who love good food, love to cook good food, and are both really good cooks! Over time, I have developed a love for everything that has to do with food – growing it, cooking it, giving it, and the nutritional value of it. I am also a total geek for all things related kitchen gadgets! I have discovered that my love language is food because food is how I give and receive love. I have no greater joy than cooking for people and when they actually like what I have made. I take pride in making meals that are from organic, whole ingredients, healthy, and inexpensive.

I live in a house with my husband, three dogs, and two beautiful children. I am originally from Bakersfield, California, moved to Tacoma, Washington in 1995, and then to Tucson, Arizona in 2007, and back to Tacoma a few months ago (2015). I work full-time as a social worker. I love to travel and try new restaurants. I have an addiction for cook books and have a major girl crush on Giada de Laurentiis.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting to know you!


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Tuscon now, eh? Definitely sunnier there than in Seattle. You can definitely do your half-marathon by the end of the year…and think of all the good food you’ll get to eat because of it. YUM!

  2. I totally agree with you about food being its own language of love. What better way to show your love for others than with nourishing, homemade and handmade eats and treats!

    It is a labor of love, too–because it is time consuming. For those who truly enjoy cooking, the time spent in the kitchen flies, whereas to those who don’t cook or don’t like to, kitchen work seems like drudgery. For me, it’s a pleasure-filled creative escape.

    Thank you for taking the time to start a blog and share your passion with us. I am sure you are an inspiration to many!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! I do hope I can be an inspiration because, like you, cooking is so much fun and therapeutic for me. It is even better when I can share it with others. I am hoping to inspire many! 🙂

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