Day 3 of the $20 challenge

It is now day 3 and I have still not had to spend any money on food. Yay! Granted I did have some food in my fridge and pantry already. I have been really good about bringing my lunch to work and actually eating it. I have brought a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables so when I have a craving for something fast, I’m not hitting up the vending machine. For dinner the past two nights I have had quesadillas with cheese and avocado, salsa, and sour cream – all things I had in my fridge already. Today I have made sure to bring my lunch again and lots of snacks. So far so good. Again, the weekend is going to be tricky but at this rate I think I can do it.

Tonight, I plan on making chicken soup and brown rice. I have a chicken breast in the freezer and I’m planning on playing around with thinly slicing the chicken, while it is still frozen, on my mandolin. The reasoning behind the idea is that the chicken will cook faster and I can get more chicken to go further for me in the meal. We’ll see!


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