Farmers Market Sunday

I just LOVE a farmers market. I love local farming and the pride the farmers have in their product. I love the colors, the sounds, the fresh prickly pear lemonade, and the all the people buy food, who are supporting local farming. I would love to see a shift away from big box grocery stores to more farmers markets some day – it’s better on the environment, it supports local economy, and provides fresher more nutrient dense food. Many of these farmers literally picked their products for the market this morning. Amazing.


4 thoughts on “Farmers Market Sunday

    1. Precisely! And honestly, if you buy what is in season, it is a lot better on your wallet, too! The loot I picked up from the farmers market today was a total of $7 – for all organic parsley, basil, heirloom green beans, butternut squash, red bell pepper and a super sweet cantaloupe.

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